Dataspin is an all-in-one back-end solution to manage your game and help you earn more. Tailored for gaming. Lets you communicate with your players better, reward the whales, incentivize, engage, retain. Segment, target them with campaigns, offer items and promos. Manage your store efficiently.

End-to-end solution

9Analytics. Player segmentation. Campaigns. Predictive analytics. All revenue sources. Player profiles. IAPs. Now all in one place.

Actionable analytics

3Reports, key metrics and predictions. And the tools to put them to work.

Cutting-edge tech

7Industry-grade back-end. Based on the superfast and powerful SAP HANA, used by Coca-Cola or Samsung among others.

Players support

10No more missing transactions. All player’s activity on one screen. Keep your players happy!


2Find players with LTV > $10, based in Denmark, who enjoy multiplayer, active in the last 7 days? Easy!

By game devs for game devs

We3 know the business, we know what we’re talking about, we use Dataspin on a daily basis and love it!



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